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Disable code analysis at solution level in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

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You can use a little trick to disable the static code analysis for a whole Visual Studio instance as described here: Open a Developer Command Prompt for VS2012 type set

Delete all rows from all tables in a SQL Server database

I have seen most of the time Developer asked me this question .. Following below is solutio   Set nocount on Exec sp_MSForEachTable ‘Alter Table ? NoCheck Constraint All’ Exec

मेरे सपनो का शहर जबलपुर

आज बीस साल बाद मेरा USA से जबलपुर आना हो रहा था. पुराने दिनों को याद करते हुये मै जैसे ही ट्रेन से उतरा, मेरी नज़र एक बोर्ड पर गई,

Hosting Of Website with the FileZilla

Hosting of Website with the FileZilla.. Introduction:- This article covers all the phase of  web Hosting of a website. Description: I have done a simple project in Asp.Net MVC 4.Here

Delete Duplicate row in SQL Server

Following below query help you to delete duplicate row in sql sever DELETE A FROM table1 A where %%physloc%% > ( SELECT min(%%physloc%%) FROM table1 B WHERE A.ID= B.ID) In


Gwarighat is located on one end of Jabalpur city, on the banks of sacred river Narmada. It is also associated with Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. This is the

Improve backend / Admin performance of Umbraco

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How do you check what version of SQL Server for a database using TSQL?


Get All Databases Size in SQL Server

SELECT, ROUND(SUM(mf.size) * 8 / 1024, 0) Size_MBs FROM sys.master_files mf INNER JOIN sys.databases d ON d.database_id = mf.database_id WHERE d.database_id > 4 — Skip system databases GROUP BY

Get all the database names in a sql server instance using tsql

its a simple sql : SELECT * FROM sys.databases ;