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Bedse caves

I never knew this even after being in Pune for so many years. Bedse Caves are comparatively less known and less visited. People know about the nearby Karla Caves and

Kaas Plateau – Maharashtra’s Valley of flowers

  I just come to know that the procedure for visiting Kas has changed and it is a BIG change. You have to pre-register yourself on a website. Only 2000

Sinhagad Fort in Pune : Lion’s den

I could not recall how many times i visited Sinhagad Fort. Every season, every occasion, Sinhagad fort was our first choice to  visit. Once upon a time we used to track

Balaji Temple at Narayanpur Village

I am writing this as a first post under Places near Pune category because after marriage our first outing in Pune was to the Balaji temple near Narayanpur village. It