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Hosting of Website with the FileZilla..

Introduction:- This article covers all the phase of  web Hosting of a website.

Description: I have done a simple project in Asp.Net MVC 4.Here from this article i wanna share my experience from publishing code to hosting the code.I have described the whole process in very short point’s.I wish it could be beneficial for you all.I am going to divide whole process in two section.

1) Publish the Asp.Net MVC application.

2) Deploying the code on the Server with FileZilla.

First a fall we should know about what is FileZilla ??

Filezilla Server is not a web server; It is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server.

Filezilla Server

Filezilla Server is an application that acts as an FTP Server. Users can use a FTP client to connect to a Filezilla server and download or upload files. Users cannot use the Filezilla server to connect to other servers – It only allows connections in.

Filezilla Client

Filezilla client is an application that allows a user to connect to an FTP server. Users can use the client to connect to any number of FTP Server. The clients allow users to upload or download files etc.

1) Publish the MVC application:

a) Right click on your project and select publish.

b) Then a new window would be opened.

in the above window,First create a new profile.For that open the dropdown of “Select Or import publish profile”..then select new option from that dropdown.As soon as you will click a window would be opened.give the profile name and click on OK.

3) After clicking on Ok,a new window would be opened.Select publish method from dropdown.

Select File system from that dropdown.Because

You can also select the target location and destination location of the project.

4) Then after clicking on next a new window would be opened.

5) Then Preview and click on next.and click on publish.When you click on Publish,the published code would be save in destination/published folder(the location which you gave on connection step.)

That’s all about the published the code.

2) Deploying the code on the Server with FileZilla.

For the deploying the code we need to install FileZilla on our machine.After installation done,click on its icon and open it.

in the above image there are some option like Host,username , password and Port no.

when will reserved some domain from service provider.They will provide you all hosting just need to fill over there.

Once you have finished with filling all these details .click on QuickConnect..after clicking it you will be connect to the server.there would be Local site and Remote site on FileZilla client interface.

select the files from your published folder of local site and write click on upload and do upload all the files to remote site.

Once you finished with all the server log it will show you successfull message.

And go to Internet browser and hit the url of site(which is the domain name you purchased from your service provider).

I wish you can get the idea for publishing and then deploying the code on the server.