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I just come to know that the procedure for visiting Kas has changed and it is a BIG change. You have to pre-register yourself on a website. Only 2000 people per day would be allowed to visit the place. This is very good for the place, but not good for the visitors. The website is www.kas.ind.in. You have to give your details along with the number of people with you. Then you have to pay 10 rupees per person, bank details are given.

It is MUST VISIT in my list of tour .. It is a heaven in  Maharashtra’s  and commonly known as Valley of flowers. Season for this place to visit is end of sep/start of Oct.

Route :Go towards Katraj to catch the NH4 towards Satara. Cross the mahabaleshwar exit and go beyond for another 30-35 kms when you will see a junction with the exit to Satara on the right. Go inside Satara, cross the junction with the eiffel tower, keep going left. Then when you start seeing the mountains straight ahead, you will come to a fork , where you will see a tunnel on the left. The road on the left through the tunnel goes to Thoseghar waterfalls and Chalkewadi windmill farms. To go to Kaas, you have to take the road on the right. This road steadily climbs and reaches a plateau. After driving for around 15-20 kilometres, you will come to a wide plateau where you should endless patches of colour of either side of the road. This is the main area for the wild flowers. It is a pretty good road and any car can go until the end of the road at Bamnoli Village.

My Advise :  Dont forget to carry your camera .. If Ganseh Visharjan time is near by your visit,  try to go on that time .. and plz dont try to harm flowers

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